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You mean you haven't tried it yet!!

If you haven't yet tried our Mixed Herb honey you are really missing out. The flavour is absolutely delicious, certainly one of the best we have tasted.....and we have tasted lots!

Harvested in Southern Bulgaria not far from the Black Sea in the Yambol Province. It has a unique but subtle flavour, not too sweet with a hint of gentle spice. Its dominant pollens are Paliurus and Coriander. Coriander is said to have a multifaceted flavour profile as chefs worldwide have discovered, and this is very much reflected in the honey. Taken straight from the spoon with a quality green tea or a smoothie,

What you have't tried it....amazed!

drizzled over fruit, cereal, mixed with cream or ice cream, added to a salad dressing, there are many possibilities for this delicious treat.