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A Beekeeping Taster Day

We recently spent a really enjoyable half day at West Norfolk Bees, last Christmas we received a voucher to attend a beekeeper taster day. David Wootton who runs the events made everyone feel very welcome, he was a mine of fascinating information about our little buzzing friends.

Beekeepers in the making

The day started around a large kitchen table, where David explained the technicalities of beekeeping, equipment used and the various behaviors of bees, with plenty of humor thrown in and tea and biscuits were free flowing! After the theory came the practical, we all donned protective suits and went to the hives where everybody had a chance to get hands on, and if they wished remove a frame which was heaving with bees and try and spot the queen.

It was quite strange being surrounded by so many bees but everyone was quite safe in their suits, the bees seemed pretty laid back about the whole thing! To finish we were shown how the honey is extracted from the frames and how to use the equipment. In all a great experience and a must for anyone with aspirations of becoming a beekeeper.