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A bitter sweet experience at the BBC Good Food Show

After setting up our stand at the Birmingham NEC on Wednesday evening we set off for our hotel which was in a small village about five miles away. We emptied our hired van with the exception of our cash box which was in a shopping bag in the rear of the van and completely invisible to any prying eyes.

Thursday morning we were about to set off to the NEC for day one of the show when we discovered the passenger window had been smashed and an electrical panel had been removed, presumably to unlock the rear of the van, and of course cash box gone containing our entire float for the term of the show……..foolish us…..very hard lesson learned!

Strangely many other vans in the car park some even from the same rental company as ours, but ours was the only one targeted. Of course the police were called, cctv footage was examined and the following day I received a text message from the police telling me no further action would be taken as nothing more could be done.

Eventually with a replacement van we arrived at the show half a day late, but from thereon things did improve! It was an exciting event and really busy, as usual we met lots of interesting people. We lost count of the sampling sticks used but it was in the thousands! I almost lost my voice reciting over and over the merits of our honey.

Now we need a bit of a breather so no more shows till the new year.

Just a foot note. I sincerely hope the individual who stole our money and caused us so much distress chokes on his Christmas turkey!

BBC Good Food Show