Raw Organic Siberian Cedar Nuts  100g

Raw Organic Siberian Cedar Nuts 100g

Siberian health is considered exemplary in Russia.  And for millennia the Cedar nut has played a big part in the diet of the Siberian peoples, helping stave off the rigours of the extremely harsh climate, supplying vital vitamins and minerals, the Siberian Cedar nut is considered the crème de la crème among pine nuts, their flavour really stands out from the crowd!  
The majority of pine nuts sold by retailers are heat-treated to preserve them. Our pine nuts are certified organic, best raw food quality (not warmed above 45 ° C).
Gluten free, soy and peanut free, vegan.

  • Important

    Store in a cool, dark and dry place. Seal the package airtight after opening and consume the contents within 3 months. 
    Allergens: May contain traces of almonds, brazil, pecan and macadamia nuts.