Raw Buckwheat Honey   Active 20+            340g

Raw Buckwheat Honey Active 20+ 340g

This latest batch is smooth, medium brown and as always packed with goodness! 


Our Buckwheat honey is raw and active it has been lovingly prepared by hard working Siberian bees. It’s colour can vary between light brown and chocolate brown. Buckwheat honey has it's own strong, distinctive taste and contains many more amino acids, vitamins and microelements compared with light honeys.  This honey has been tested for Total Activity with a result of 20+ making it a honey with strong antibacterial properties, as well as delicious to eat.   It is a much more affordable alternative to Manuka honey.


Please enjoy your purchase.

  • Take care of and enjoy your super honey!

    Keep the jar out of direct sunlight, store in a cupboard, not in the fridge.

    Take one or two spoonfuls a day to help support your immune system, or can be eaten with fresh fruit, cerial, porridge, on toast, yogurt, pancakes and much, much more!  If taken in hot drinks as a sugar substitute, the heating process can neutralise the honeys antibacterial properties.

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