Bee Bread

Bee Bread

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Bee Bread is a mixture of pollen, honey and the bees own secretions which cause the mixture to ferment and become an energy rich food source.  


Our Bee Bread is sourced from the purest of areas in the Siberian Altai where harmful pesticides have never been used and man has not meddled with the genetics of crops and food stuffs.

There is no major infrastructure within 200km and many of the sites the bee keepers use can only be accessed on horseback. The bee bread only contains what the bees intended, it is free of any man-made contaminants.


    Bee Bread is a recognised superfood, it is well known in the professional world of sport and athletics as a natural energy boosting supplement. 

    Supplied in a re-sealable 100g foil pack to keep the bee bread fresh and free of moisture.

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