Organic Cedar Nut Flakes

Cedar flakes are produced as the result of cold pressing cedar nuts to produce Cedar oil, they contain only approximately 30% fat and approximately 35% protein making them an excellent and affordable dietary support especially for the vegan lifestyle.

Known in Russia for centuries as a tasty, healthy ingredient for all kinds of dishes, also when coarsely ground used as an enrichment in baking, this delicacy has now arrived in Western Europe and is waiting to be discovered by you!

Organic Siberian Cedar Nuts

Also known as Pine nuts, the nut or kernel is found deep within the pine cone.

Our Cedar nuts are wild harvested from the ringing cedar trees of the Siberian Taiga.  The nuts ripen on the tree for up to four years then they are collected, removed from the cones and released from their hard outer shell, leaving a soft delicious morsel.  The seeds of wild Siberian cedar contain a unique mineral and vitamin complex.  The majority of pine nuts selling in the UK are from China, the Siberian Cedar nut is renowned for its quality, flavour and sweetness as compared with other pine nuts.  Should be taken as a healthy dietary supplement, when toasted gives salads a new dimension!

Organic Super Mix

A selection of berries, nuts and fermented cocoa beans from around the world.  An excellent combination of nature’s natural antioxidants having an ORAC value of 14000umol TE/100g


About the ORAC value:

Antioxidants are used to help the body neutralize oxidative stress. The ORAC value (Oxide Radical Absorption Capacity) describes the antioxidant capacity of a foodstuff and is given in μmol TE per 100 g (Micro-mole Trolox equivalent).

The versatile organic mix:

Tasty added to cereal, A snack for school and work, Desert topping, An energy boost in sports and leisure, addition to a vegan diet.


Each product is EU certified organic