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Welcome to Tsar's Honey website and very popular Online Store. We aim to provide excellent customer service and offer high quality, healthy products including raw honey from Siberia and more, please browse our site which we hope you will find of interest, also check out our store.

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Our Honeys   We were very pleased to introduce to the UK our highest quality raw honey, which was gathered by dedicated beekeeper's in the Altai and Bashkirian regions of Russia. The honey types we initially introduced were Buckwheat and Sweet Clover. Our Buckwheat Super Honey variety has strong antibacterial properties, it was tested for Total Activity which is a measure of the antibacterial level, the result being 20+.  The figure on the front of the jar. Try as an affordable alternative to Manuka. 

We have just tracked down some more divine raw honeys, this time from Bulgaria.   We have a Mixed Herb honey which is has a truly delightful flavour a real treasure which honey lovers will really appreciate.

We aim to provide our customers with finest raw honeys. To ensure this every batch of honey has been extensively laboratory tested to guarantee it is always of the highest quality, free of chemicals, pesticides, GMOs and antibiotics.

All our raw honeys will have levels of enzyme activity because they have not been overheated and only coarsely filtered in the packing process.  Unlike many high street blended brands our unblended honey will always offer a unique mix of flavours making each spoonful a delicious and importantly healthy treat.

Now Available from Tsar's Honey Organic Cedar nuts, new to the UK Organic Cedar Flakes and an Organic Supermix of berries and nuts having powerful antioxidant properties.        READ MORE


International Customers   We currently ship to EU countries a maximum of 3 jars/order.  Please contact us for delivery prices.


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